About Delna Ramirez

Delna SpeakingDelna is an inspiring speaker who helps others realize, even a midst challenging circumstances, the Lord Wastes Nothing. Through various difficulties and life threatening adversities, Delna has learned that the, sometimes trite, Christian saying has proven to be solid – “God is good, all the time” … no matter what! She is teaching others to understand this concept and learn how they can use every-day-challenges as opportunities to be transformed into someone who believes God wastes nothing, forming a more dynamic bond with Him and those who are going through difficult challenges in life.

Delna shares biblical application, using her own personal stories as examples, and then invites her audience to consider their own story in light of what she teaches.

Delna and her husband, Vince, married in 2004. They have a Blended Family of six with three young adult children and one child still in elementary school. Delna is a California native and traded in her busy life in the Bay Area for a quieter life on a small ranch in the foothills where they host “Be Still” retreats.


One thought on “About Delna Ramirez

  1. My life is evidence that God wastes nothing, and I am so thankful to know that this page is up and that we can all revitalize one another for our Love for Christ through what Delna is sharing and the work that God is doing. Thank the Lord for wasting nothing.

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